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What is Data Mapping – A Definition

Data mapping is the linking of fields of different data elements between different data models. In other words, data elements are linked between different data models. Data mapping is a central component of many data management processes. Data mapping is used and needed for data transformation between a data source and a data target.


Data mapping is also the first step for

  • successful data migration and integration,
  • successful data transformation or data mediation,
  • aggregation of different databases into a single database,
  • identification of data relations and
  • successful data utilization in the data warehouse
Orchestra Erfolge Fondsdepot Bank Daten Mapping

Why Data Mapping –
Challenges & Goals for the Smart Factory.

A changeover between systems takes place in virtually all companies at some point in time. If the different systems, then automatically store information differently, a functioning data mapping is needed at the latest for processes such as data integration, data migration, data synchronization, and numerous other data management projects – so that sensitive data ends up exactly where it belongs. A modern company like Fondsdepot Bank also has to face further challenges on its way to Industry 4.0:


Replacing all analog input channels in customer contact.


Salesforce as CRM for a uniform view of the customer.


Encryption of personal data in the cloud.


Representing the required performance-user interaction.


Data model of the core banking system Diamo.


Data mapping now enables efficient data processes and is designed to ensure the accuracy of data as it is transferred between source and destination.


Data mapping is already part of solution design – so here it is at the very beginning of a digitization project and information integration, offering sustainable benefits.

Implementation of Data Mapping
using the Example of Fondsdepot Bank

The Augsburg-based software company soffico implemented a successful data mapping at Fondsdepot Bank with the help of its industrial software. The following steps were taken together on the way towards Industry 4.0:

Ein Vorteil

Modular mapping of process communication

Ein Vorteil

Test-driven development

Ein Vorteil

Archiving of documents in d.3ecm by files and control files

Ein Vorteil

Web service layer (SOAP) for communication with Salesforce

Ein Vorteil

Encryption of data transfer between communication partners.

Benefits & Opportunities of Data Mapping

Good data mapping software enables efficient data processes. Conversely, this means that poor data mapping will cause errors to ripple throughout the organization, leading to repeated problems that distort the results of analyses. Good quality data mapping has a direct impact on the quality of analytics data, which leads to the extraction of decision-useful results. Other advantages of Data Mapping – your solution for data mapping:


of complex communication processes


into the existing IT system landscape


Combination of security standards and customer-specific processes.

With Orchestra, you digitize with results in mind.

soffico is your specialist when it comes to connecting systems or machines, visualizing complex data and information, or ensuring communication and security in a company.

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