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for Edge Devices

Orchestra juno runs on the smallest devices – and with full functionality. It is particularly suitable for performing tasks distributed at different locations. As a self-contained app, Orchestra juno has everything it takes to connect the most diverse decentralized systems of entire IT landscapes quickly and easily.

Plug & Perform mit Orchestra juno

Orchestra juno bridges digitalization gaps

Edge & Fog

Process your data where you need it. Decentralized pre-processing and processing of data increases the efficiency of information retrieval and the performance of data transfer. Buffering and offline capability guarantee you data completeness at all times.

Hybrid Cloud

Depending on the use case, data is processed directly in the edge device, other data is processed in cloud services. juno is platform independent and can be operated locally, in the private cloud or in public clouds. You always retain data control, because you alone decide what data goes where.

Agile Fit

Don’t be afraid of the changes that digitization brings! juno lets you react quickly, easily and flexibly to changing situations and act proactively. Easily create new communication scenarios and make your company fit for the future!

AI Empowerment

juno provides the different players with exactly the data needed. Specific data from local devices is the crucial piece of the Big Data puzzle and thus the basis for artificial intelligence.

Legacy & Brownfield

Protect your investments! juno not only connects new equipment with one click, but also enables your existing machines to comply with current standards and process their valuable data.

Process data where you need it

Platform-independent on edge-devices of your choice

Packaging & Roll-out

Click & Run

According to your requirements, we configure juno with its scenarios and pack it into installer packages. You can easily deploy juno using existing structures and mechanisms in your company.

Data Integrity and Buffering

Data completion

Processing part of the data flood not centrally (e.g. in cloud systems), but close to the device offers many advantages. Data that belongs together stays together, measured values remain unaltered and thanks to buffering you are also able to act offline. This means that your data remains correct, complete and consistent even in the event of a network failure.

Monitoring and Interfaces


Some data requires centralized monitoring. Business processes, messages and data flows can be tracked in fine granularity thanks to monitoring. Individual web-based dashboards present data in such a way that experts can generate valuable information from it. In this way, you maintain an overview of all your devices, whether new or old. Because brownfield machines also provide important insights, which our multi-language talent juno makes available through OPC-UA, MQTT, S7 or FHIR.

Privacy and Security


Your data is your capital. Our encryption mechanisms protect sensitive data, such as patient data or industrial data Intelectual Properties, from unauthorized access. Central monitoring and transparent processes ensure the highest level of data security.


Orchestra juno

Orchestra Erfolge INSYS Retrofit Lösungen


Retrofit solutions with INSYS Icom

Digitization and Industry 4.0 make it clear to industrial companies with machine fleets: There is a need for modernization. A cost-effective alternative to purchasing all new machines is the digital retrofit. Together with INSYS Icom, our partner company in the field of industrial data communication, soffico was able to create a geographically independent infrastructure to network decentralized systems from 150 locations. Read our success story with the retrofit solution.

Technical advantages

Plug & Perform with Orchestra juno


juno does not require any other programs or devices to develop its full functionality. Thanks to containerization, juno can be docked in a wide variety of environments and is ready for immediate use.


The low code approach allows to implement connectors even without programming experience. Thanks to the graphical user interface and mappings, users can make changes on their own and thereby save valuable resources.

Small Footprint

No extra database and no extra server – juno requires minimal resources to run platform independent on almost any device. Local preprocessing and filtered forwarding of data to higher-level systems reduce network load.

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