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Compose your solution with us

The basis behind all the digital possibilities and behind the data architecture is an elaborate solution design.

Customers come to soffico with a wide variety of problems. Ultimately, it is always about digitization projects. On the way to the smart factory, the company’s various systems – from SAP and ERP to MES and others – must now be connected to the machines and devices at production level (store floor). A good data architecture is the basis for further digital use cases, such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance, which are ultimately also made possible in your production with the help of our industrial software. The solution design we implement together with you is tailored to the needs of our customers and can positively influence systems, machines or both.

What is Solution Design – a Definition

Solution Design is, so to speak, the first step in the joint project and the first service we provide to our customers. The result of the Solution Designer ultimately represents the solution approach for your problem and your expectations on the path of digitization in the company. A Solution Architect thus creates the design for exactly your solution. Our Solution Design is:

Birne Idee

Developing a solution to a customer-specific problem: “Where should data be collected and provided?”

Birne Idee

The development of a customized integration architecture

Birne Idee

The strategic planning required to implement use cases (predictive maintenance, OEE, digital twin, etc.)

Birne Idee

A holistic approach to Industry 4.0 on the way to the smart factory

Benefits of good Solution Design

A good solution design is built into existing structures and at the same time enables existing company processes to be used sensibly, digitized or restructured if necessary – and thus become more effective and efficient.

A holistic solution design minimizes the risk of creating a confusing array of new systems in the company. It provides the approach for a stringent implementation of new approaches. When digitizing internal company processes, a uniform solution design is indispensable for an overview of systems and interfaces. In the next step, the solution design enables the company-specific data architecture and the implementation of new digital possibilities.

Why do I need support from experienced solution designers?

Customers have different reasons to use our service and support for digitization and solution design:

  • The necessary knowledge for implementation is missing.
  • An approach to solution design is available, but the software is missing.
  • Developing the solution yourself takes too much time and money.

Orchestra is the ideal tool for this and, with the help of the solution design, shows how the software can be implemented individually for the customer and how it can be used in a resource-friendly, scalable, high-performance and future-proof manner.

Engineering students in the lab at night

Further advantages of the implementation by soffico

Ein Vorteil

Many references and the possibility to plan and implement efficient architectures.

Ein Vorteil

Many years of experience and successful projects.

Ein Vorteil

Active exchange and evaluation with the scientific community.

Ein Vorteil

For every requirement, our service offers the opportunity to further concretize specific ideas for digitization and turn them into reality.

Solution Design is for you

We create your highly individual solution design on the way to the Smart Factory and successfully implement it together. The first steps are as follows:

Send us your idea and together we will work out a solution

  • We provide you with perspectives and creative food for thought.
  • We keep the “big picture” in mind and consider further application scenarios already during planning.
  • We accompany you on your way – from the idea to implementation and beyond. Simply and individually put together the components you want us to support you with.
  • Let our developers support you with the elementary decisions.
Solution Design mit Orchestra

With us, you benefit from the perfect combination of software and services

  • Thanks to our low-code approach, complex issues can be easily implemented and technical integration as well as business processes can be mapped.
  • We start with proofs-of-concept: we implement our solution design on a small scale and test whether it can be rolled out on a large scale.
  • Finally, we develop your first prototype and convince you of the ease of implementation and performance of our solution.
Prototyping mit Orchestra

You want to realize your idea?

Our experts support you from the idea to the implementation.

Talk to our Experts

Markus Benndorff. Ihr Ansprechpartner für alle Themen rund um Orchestra.

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