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White paper on the
Asset Administration Shell

In order to profitably utilize the Asset Administration Shell (AAS), solutions are required that enable seamless integration into existing system landscapes. In industry, these assets are often very diverse. They also need to be captured from multiple sources such as sensors, production machines, ERP systems and other digital systems, aggregated and transferred to the AAS format.

This white paper presents a system architecture for the step-by-step integration of AAS principles into existing system environments. It presents an approach for adapting the existing infrastructure and shows how existing systems can be harmonized with the AAS methodology.

    What are the challenges?


    insufficient data


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    lack of technical

    Use Orchestra as an AAS data hub

    Connecting the Dots

    As an AAS data hub, Orchestra supports the integration of AAS data from multiple sources and systems. It enables the merging of data from different AAS models and instances to ensure a comprehensive and consistent view of assets. This facilitates the exchange of data between different partners and systems.

    To access and automatically deliver AAS data, Orchestra provides several mechanisms.

    Use the Asset Administration Shell profitably

    With Orchestra as your AAS data hub, you can run pilot projects as part of existing digitization initiatives. Learn more in the white paper:

    • Automated inventory management
    • Data-driven circular economy
    • Tracking and traceability
    • Energy management
    • Integration with international data spaces
    Digitalisierung einer Fabrik mit digitalen Informationen zu jedem einzelnen Asset der Produktion

    Digitize in a solution- and future-oriented way!

    Our AAS system architecture serves as the basis for instrumentalizing the asset administration shell in your company.

    Benefit from our reference architecture as a guide for the successful implementation of various AAS concepts to optimize asset management and strengthen your company’s competitiveness.

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    Digitalisierung einer Fabrik mit Darstellung der Informationsflusses im Rahmen von IoT Industrie 4.0
    Brücken schlagen mit Orchestra
    Bridging the Connectivity Gap

    Reference architecture for the
    integration of OT and IT

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    “The seamless integration of AAS concepts into existing system landscapes is crucial to protect investments and quickly realize the benefits of improved production efficiency and transparency.”

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