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Let your data flow!

Due to the increasing importance of holistic system considerations in manufacturing companies, the focus is shifting to IT architecture. There are currently a large number of different approaches, but no generally recognized reference architecture. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of developing their own individual architectures. In this white paper, we present a scientifically based elaboration of a reference architecture that you can use as a solution approach for the digital transformation in your company.

    Beispiel-Seiten eines offenen Whitepapers Bridging the Gap zum Thema Referenzarchitektur zur umfassenden horizontalen und vertikalen Integration von OT und IT

    Diversity in the data jungle

    Plug & Perform

    Orchestra can unleash the power of your data regardless of the plant landscape.

    The data jungle is characterized by rapid growth. Ancient tree structures coexist with emerging life and plant species. Likewise, the industrial environment is constantly changing and characterized by innovation. Data grows almost uncontrollably in this jungle and is difficult to manage. In the age of Industry 4.0 and a multitude of IIoT application scenarios, new machines operate alongside, complement, or replace older equipment.

    Daten Dschungel in der Fabrik

    Communication in the data jungle

    Orchestra as global translator

    Whether MQTT, S7 or OPC-UA – Orchestra serves as a universal translator in the data jungle and maintains communication.

    Especially in the data jungle, one encounters a multitude of animal species. Each of these creatures communicates in different ways and produces data in different sizes, formats and properties. Similar to the animals in the data jungle, in industrial manufacturing you encounter a variety of machines and devices that use different languages, dialects, standards and protocols.

    Connectivity of the data jungle

    So, what connects everything?

    From the information drop to the data stream. Orchestra connects the complete range of diversity and communication modes to a harmonious data flow system.

    The connecting basis for all living things, trees and plants has always been one thing – water.
    Rain falls, drips off leaves and collects in streams and rivers. River structures and lakes have always acted as a supply line for all life. A breeding ground for diversity and harmonious communication. Because: All trees and plants absorb the data in the form of water, which ensures that a wide variety of fruits can grow.

    Fluss fließt durch Fabrikgelände im Daten Dschungel

    Let your data flow

    Ways out of the data jungle

    Agile Fit

    High changeability through fast and flexible reaction to changing situations. Agile creation of new communication scenarios make your company fit for the future!

    Smart Process

    Smart Factory

    The full-scale networking of production forms the basis for a wide range of application scenarios such as self-analysis, automation of processes or even self-optimization.

    Plug & Produce

    Simple and sustainable integration of machines and plant parks into digital processes. Older machines can be connected to new machines at the push of a button.

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