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Definition Data Monitoring –
what is Data Monitoring?

Monitoring describes the supervision or observation of data or processes, for example, and thus includes the process of quality assurance in a company. Here, it is first a matter of data acquisition, while controlling or reporting already take care of the management or distribution of the information. Data monitoring is therefore a process in which the quality of the data is proactively checked and evaluated, for example by looking for deviations and – if detected – informing the relevant administrators via an alert so that they can check the error that has occurred.

Why is Data Monitoring so important?

Modern companies and productions face numerous challenges on their way towards Industry 4.0. A functioning operation must now enable the following technical requirements:

  • Exchange data across companies within complex IT architectures.
  • Immediately detect irregularities or failures and create digital notifications.
  • Generate a customized monitoring dashboard easily and reliably.
  • Withstand a growing dependency on the availability of IT systems.
  • Transparent and flexible communication channels are a much-needed basis for further analysis, quality assurance and process optimization.
Orchestra Erfolge Paessler Daten Monitoring

Data monitoring now checks for problem areas by detecting deviations or inaccuracies or tracking abnormal behavior. Data is checked for completeness, consistency, correctness, uniqueness and more.

Finally, data monitoring allows production to:

  • Know what condition my machine is in.
  • Optimization and fine-tuned planning
  • Prioritization and optimization of maintenance capacities

Deviations or errors in the data stock can very quickly lead to wrong results in analyses and thus to wrong decisions on the management level. To avoid this, there is data monitoring.

Datenmonitoring im produzierenden Gewerbe

Benefits of Data Monitoring
for your Smart Factory

The implementation of reliable data monitoring brings the following improvements to your production:

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Consistent and trouble-free communication across the enterprise and beyond.

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Optimization and automation of cross-divisional processes with maximum transparency.

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Reliable communication and process flows with channeled increase in productivity.

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Enhanced technical and business monitoring.

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Monitoring capabilities for OPC UA, MQTT and Modbus TCP devices.


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Comprehensive publishing and notification mechanisms as well as detailed mapping of escalation chains.

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Ability to create custom, interactive dashboards using drag and drop designer in PRTG.

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Great flexibility and customizability

Data Monitoring with Orchestra:
A Success Story

When implemented with Paessler, a traceable and secure data exchange is established across company boundaries and between all production facilities and IT systems. Monitoring of all IT components, such as edge devices, networks, cloud environments or IT infrastructure is implemented. It is possible to visualize all relevant data and KPIs in a clear presentation and interactive dashboards. Complex escalation chains can be mapped and targeted notifications and central alerts – on various channels, such as email, push, SMS, MS Teams – can be sent. Transparent monitoring of data transport between IT and OT within heterogeneous industrial environments is ensured by means of flow and packet sniffer sensors.

Lösungsgrafik Datenmonitoring Paessler

Digital Quality Assurance:
Why implement Data Monitoring in your own company with soffico & Paessler PRTG?

Smart Process

Orchestra is Enabler

and specialist when it comes to providing data in a uniform and clear manner. Together with you, we define in workshops what needs to be connected and offer expert knowledge for implementation. In order to operate data monitoring, the data must first be “found”: We connect source systems or machines / plants from which the data is to be transferred. Finally, we take care of the technical implementation of data integration and ensure that the data is available at the target system for monitoring or further analysis.


For your safety

We offer integrated error handling. This means that we include a previously defined logic in the data provision in order to be able to trigger error messages.


You benefit from our partner network

Our partner Paessler offers the product PRTG, a multiple award-winning and globally proven solution for qualitative data monitoring. We take care of the underlying data provision.

With Orchestra you build
your own Industrial Suite.

Fully modular and customizable to your IIoT use case.

  • Low-code approach thanks to graphical user interface
  • Highly scalable through integration of various protocols and formats
  • Transparent monitoring of your data flows

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