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What is EDI software?
Explanation & Definition

EDI stands for “Electronic Data Interchange”. But how does EDI and an EDI interface work and what distinguishes an EDI solution from an API? An EDI solution is responsible for the electronic data exchange of entities – i.e., business documents, such as delivery bills, business documents, quarterly figures, etc. – between companies. EDI replaces and digitizes virtually all paper traffic, thereby automating processes. This provides a company with more effectiveness and efficiency. The goal of EDI is to automate processes with a high volume of documents completely in the background through electronic data exchange between business partners.

Electronic Data Interchange and
EDI procedures also offer the following advantages:

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EDI saves time and money through process automation without paper.

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Even human error no longer has a major impact on data transmission.

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The customer journey is improved because there is less “paperwork” and everything can be handled digitally – including simple orders, even for major customers.

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Error transmissions are reduced by using standardized file formats.

Challenges at Port Patras

On the way towards Industry 4.0, some hurdles have to be overcome. A modern company must be flexible, digitize processes and continuously adapt and optimize processes. This includes:

  • Increasing productivity as well as reducing operating costs.
  • Improving IT system utilization
  • Optimizing organizational and IT-related processes and data exchange
  • Establishment of an IT system to support planning controls
  • Implementation of EU Directive 65

Electronic transmission using standard file format can make processes more efficient and eliminate steps, making companies more competitive and automating both internal and external processes.

Orchestra Erfolge Patras EDI

Implementation of the EDI software at the Port of Patras: procedure and positive outcomes

The implementation of the EDI solution at the Greek central port included important steps to achieve the goal – an error-free exchange of information and data between the port’s internal systems:

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Establishment of a “Single Point Of Entry” to manage a service-oriented architecture.

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Development of a system to identify disruptive factors to increase reliability.

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Process configuration and transformation without complex programming.

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Development of role-based apps that can be called directly via web service to control production data and monitor the database.

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Improvements of the data exchange in EDIFACT / XML.

The following successes were achieved by the middleware of soffico Gmbh through an EDI interface at the Patras port:

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Comprehensive end-user accreditation and verification.

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Automatic archiving and certificate compliance.

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Orchestration of the relevant IT systems and the new PMIS system with Orchestra.


between PMIS and external systems.

Full Process

thanks to centralized data (browser-based collaboration)

This is why you should also implement an EDI solution in your company with soffico

Get exactly the experts you have been looking for, for your project on board with the EDI software provider soffico GmbH. We offer EDI services not only at the Greek cargo port, but also for your company and will be happy to introduce you to further options for process automation and interface development.

Reasons for the integration
of EDI software in your business

  • In order to digitize processes, a suitable data architecture must first be established. Soffico provides this use case as a foundation for your digitization projects.
  • Expert knowledge in solution design is important here: Which processes are to be digitized? How many systems in the company are affected? The goal here is to build a “platform” or “service-oriented architecture”.
  • Technical implementation becomes more demanding the more interfaces have to be available. We are experts in this field.
  • Maintenance and operating costs are increasing.

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