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Importance of SAP integration

An ERP system is indispensable in one’s own company in order to use and plan resources efficiently. SAP is the most widely used enterprise resource planning system here. It is widely used and is extremely relevant for Industry 4.0. This is because the system helps to make more efficient, better and faster decisions in production – provided that the important and correct data is available as a basis. In the Smart Factory, it is now part of the process to collect and evaluate much more information than just purchasing. Enterprise resources can also be better planned on the basis of additional information. All use cases in modern industry require information about the company’s own plants, machines, and resources.

Orchestra Erfolge Paul Horn SAP Integration

Advantages of SAP integration
with Orchestra at a glance

SAP integration offers a number of benefits. Isolated islands of data can be connected and thus, for example, raised to a higher level and decisions can thus be made better on the basis of more relevant information.

With Orchestra, templates can be created using low-coding approaches. All systems of the SAP ecosystem can be addressed (ERP, ME, PCO, DMC, etc.). In addition, a logical SAP system can be simulated with the help of the Orchestra middleware. Through the built-in “Patch and Dispatch Mappings”, data and information can be distributed quickly and easily to SAP systems as well as to third-party systems from other manufacturers. Orchestra stands for the “best-of-breed approach” and guarantees compatibility with all other systems of your choice.

No more data isolation / data islands

Effective templates via low-coding approaches

Communicate with Orchestra as a logical SAP system

Out of the box: patch und dispatch mappings

Best-of-breed approach: compatibility with other systems guaranteed

Distribute data and information quickly and easily (also to non-SAP systems)

Orchestra Success Story:
SAP/ERP-Integration at Paul Horn GmbH

The Tübingen-based carbide tool factory Paul Horn GmbH is a German manufacturer of precision tools and accessories and employs around 1,400 people worldwide. At our customer Paul Horn, their internal SAP system was to be connected to the NAV interface of the national tax and customs office in order to transmit invoices in an encrypted and non-manipulable way. The verification and processing of the data was to include an individual billing logic.

Ein Vorteil

Reliable delivery of data and invoices to the National Tax and Customs Office.

Ein Vorteil

Automatic reporting of electronic, serially processed (structural) data via the NAV interface of the Hungarian Tax Administration

Ein Vorteil

Verification and processing of structural data using clearing logics

Ein Vorteil

Encrypted and non-manipulable storage of sensitive data

Ein Vorteil

Logging of any changes to ensure traceability

Ein Vorteil

Up-to-date and correct versioning of SAP and NAV systems

Successful implementation
of SAP integration at Paul Horn

During the implementation for Paul Horn, the SAP system was successfully integrated with the NAV interface of the local financial administration. Orchestra acts as its own SAP system and transfers electronically created invoices to the Orchestra database. Through an automated transfer, the status of invoice processing at the local financial administration is automatically reported back to the initial system through a decoupled process. The subsequent technical check remains in place until a positive or negative response has been fed back to SAP. If the check is successful, the data is stored in encrypted form.

Lösungsgrafik SAP Integration Paul Horn

Secure numerous advantages
through SAP process integration

Reduced costs

through in-house processing
instead of external service costs


through flexible adaptation to changing requirements

Savings potential

No additional license fees

With Orchestra you build
your own Industrial Suite.

Fully modular and customizable to your IIoT use case.

  • Low-code approach thanks to graphical user interface
  • Highly scalable through integration of various protocols and formats
  • Transparent monitoring of your data flows

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