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Digital Product Passport:
Breakthrough for more transparency or
just a regulatory burden for the industry?

The Digital Product Passport, an initiative of the European Union, is a pioneering step towards a more transparent, sustainable and resource-efficient economy. From 2027, the EU Ecodesign Regulation will make the introduction of Digital Product Passports mandatory for certain product categories.

This white paper is designed to help you prepare for the Digital Product Passport. We will show you how you can use these changes as an opportunity for more sustainability, to improve your business processes and beyond.

    What are the challenges of integration?

    Integration into existing IT systems and production landscapes.

    Ensuring a high level of data quality.

    The requirements for interoperability between different industries and countries.

    The need to adapt industry standards.

    Promoting the acceptance and added value of the Digital Product Passport in the ecosystem.

    Preparing for the Digital Product Passport

    The introduction of the Digital Product Passport represents a significant change in corporate management and strategy. Companies need a clear and structured approach to preparing for the Digital Product Passport. From efficient data collection to strategic planning, all essential steps should be covered in order to successfully create a basis and the most important prerequisites for the introduction of the Digital Product Passport.

    The Orchestra data integration and connectivity platform plays a key role in the introduction of the Digital Product Passport by enabling companies to efficiently manage the extensive data requirements. Orchestra enables the secure and dynamic provision of data from any number of existing systems, machines and plants.

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    Bridging the Connectivity Gap

    Reference architecture for the
    integration of OT and IT

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    “Prepare for the future of the industry and discover the opportunities that the introduction of the Digital Product Passport offers you.”

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